Stage 1

First day on the river was a success!! Some unexpected white-water rapids that shook our entire boat (the whole boat was trembling and the roof was shaking), a near-collision with another boat, some confusion onboard as I yelled “forward starboard, aft port!” (we are stationed port and aft as opposed to port and starboard), and one minor injury which required a few self-administered stitches, but all is well!! Ended the day eating fish soup out of my parents’ old camping pot from 40 years ago, and repairing some minor damage with my papa’s old tools which I took along for the trip. Thanks, papa!

Proud to announce that we completed the first (and hardest) stage of the Amazon Adventure last night. Escorted by the Ecuadorian Navy, our raft limped into El Coca, where we were met by the local television and radio news networks. Having had our roof ripped off in a collision with a tree 2 days earlier, and after having administered stitches to Sam Carrick and crazy-gluing my own foot back together, I’m not sure who was in worse shape – the raft or the crew. But I DO know that I couldn’t be prouder of either one for holding up so well. Congrats to La Aventura Amazonica (our raft) and her crew – Christine, Anastasiya, and Sam for a job well done!!

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